Extra Curricular Programs

Our extra-curricular programs are comprised of activities for preschool through elementary age students. The following is a partial list of programs that are offered at an additional fee. Please check directly with the school location you are interested in for fees, schedules, availability, and any additional information. Programs are also subject to change depending on a variety of factors such as enrollment levels, provider's service areas, etc. Again, please check directly with the school location you are interested in for the most current information.


Our dance program is designed to teach children that they have potential to fulfill their dreams, and that they can do remarkable things when they put their minds and bodies to good use. These classes are full of fun and educational lesson plans designed to teach your child ballet, tap, tumbling, stage presence, music appreciation, grace and so much more!


The golf program is taught by instructors from premier golf academies and each class focuses on building a strong foundation for the game of golf. Instructors offer a positive and fun learning environment for children ages 3 and up.


The soccer program is based on learning through play “when play comes first, learning comes naturally.” Each class is offered by professionally qualified, child-friendly coaches. Coaches take the children through the basics of soccer and enable them to gain confidence in their own abilities.

Private Piano

A fun, traditional approach to play the piano through note recognition, rhythm exercises, creative theory, singing solfege and of course, playing songs. Increasing attention span, coordination, self etseem and confidence are just a few of the benefits of learning to play piano at a very early age.

Martial Arts

This karate program provides fun and exciting intro to the martial arts. It provides a very effective behavior modification program, through life skills, such as confidence and concentration. With these life skills your child develops self-esteem, discipline and strength while having FUN!


This phenomenal training curriculum teaches basketball ball-handling and dribbling skills to fun, age-appropriate music. Students are exposed to fine and gross motor skills activities, preschool academic concepts, higher-order thinking skills and listening activities.

Sports & Fitness

This program introduces sports and fitness to students in a hands-on setting. Activity plans are incorporated which offer a different sport or activity with each class. Most of all, this program is chock full of fun and children are excited and eager to participate!

Private Computer Program

Our private computer program instructors are dedicated to using technology as a tool for young students to build and develop the skills they are learning in the classroom. Every student receives their own laptop, headphones, and mouse to use during class. The instructor strikes a smart balance between technology, education, and FUN.

Science Club

The science club offers an array of different science subjects for every month. Children have the opportunity to form hypothesis and conclusions to experiments. This program will help sharpen their thinking skills and express themselves scientifically.