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What is Montessori?

Montessori education is an educational approach developed by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori. Montessori developed many of her ideas while working with mentally challenged children. Her first school, La casa dei bambini, was opened to working class children in the slum neighborhood of San Lorenzo in Rome. Her approach was characterized by an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical, and social development.

View this short video to learn more about the Montessori philosophy and teaching principles.

Why should I choose a Castle Montessori school?

Our schools offer a genuine, Classical Montessori curriculum delivered by a group of world-class, AMS/AMI certified Montessori Directresses (teachers) in newly built, modern facilities equipped with comprehensive Montessori learning materials for our children. Castle Montessori schools are operated with the highest standards of excellence to ensure each child receives the very best education. We are a school born from a spirit and force of parents and Directresses who believe in the Montessori principles and support a child/family-centered environment. We want our children to grow into autonomous, caring, responsible citizens, life-long learners and problem-solvers. Our school is a place where all are encouraged to ask questions, broaden their understanding of themselves, and the world around them. To see what really makes Castle Montessori Schools different, view this video and see for yourself.

What are your teacher's qualifications?

The quality of Montessori education that your child will experience is directly related to the knowledge, understanding, and inherent ability of the classroom Directress to effectively create a rich and comprehensive environment. As such, all Primary Directresses at each of our schools is certified by at least one of the following

Directresses who have been certified by any of the above have undergone an extensive and thorough training program whereby they have made an extraordinary commitment in time, effort, and finances to become certified. These dedicated professionals are trained to recognize and meet each child’s individual needs using the Montessori philosophical principles and techniques. Schools that commit to assembling a Faculty of AMS, AMI accredited Directresses are dedicated to the creation of a premier atmosphere which allows their students to reach personal and academic success throughout life. At all Castle Montessori schools, you will find each Primary Directress’ certificate posted in the hallway outside their classroom. We feel this is a very important standard. We also encourage and support as much training our Directresses may want to pursue. It just makes us a better school and enriches the lives of the children. We also require that ALL staff be trained yearly in CPR and First Aid.

Do you wear uniforms?

Yes, uniforms are an important part of our school. The dress code/uniform policy has been established to help create a positive school climate. Uniforms emphasize standards of neatness in grooming, uniformity in our school’s image, and pride in our school. As such, it is important that each child arrives in his/her proper uniform with the exception of scheduled, non-uniform days. School shirts and cardigans are embroidered with the school name and may be purchased through your Castle Montessori school. The skirts, pants, socks, and shoes may be purchased by the parent in accordance with the Uniform Policy from any place. Please refer to the Uniform Policy in our Enrollment Package for more information.

Do you take students who have not been in a Montessori classroom before?

Yes, we like to give every child the opportunity to be successful in our school and we do admit children who have not had Montessori previously. We have often observed children coming from other child care facilities to adapt readily to a Montessori-based classroom environment. If, in the best interest of the child, we feel he/she would not be successful in our school, we inform the parents as to why we don’t feel it would be the best place for the child and we help the parents to find a place that would be more appropriate.

What happens when my child goes to a non-Montessori school or a public school when they leave a Castle Montessori school?

As parents of children who have had first hand experience in this transition, we find that they are very successful and demonstrate higher level of performance while adapting to a new environment. It is a new situation, with a new set of rules and once they learn what the expectations are, they adapt readily and become high performers. Academically, children are well prepared for any other type of school setting. Montessori education gives children the gift of “the love of learning” and it enables children to continually ask questions and seek answers.

Is the school a "nut-free" environment (i.e. no peanuts, almonds, etc.)?

Yes, all Castle Montessori schools are “nut-free”.

If I am interested in enrolling, what is the next step?

First decide which of our school locations you are interested in and go to the school level website and fill out the contact form. You may also download and submit the Enrollment Package or you may contact the school directly for a tour by one of our Directors. Space is limited and admission is on a “first come, first served basis”. A waiting list is also maintained for future openings.