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6 - 9 years


Elementary aged children possess a questioning mind, an ability to abstract, a moral and social perspective and a predisposition toward research and discovery. At Castle Montessori Schools, our Elementary program allows the children to work in small groups on projects that are intellectually challenging through the expert guidance of a trained teacher and an environment that supports the growing needs of the children through their developmental stages. Elementary studies include geography, biology, history, language, mathematics, music and arts. Our curriculum includes outdoor trips to community places such as the library, botanical garden, factories, hospitals and science museums. The essential goal of a Montessori education at the elementary level is to provide an opportunity for the child where he can follow his natural development to his highest potential.

Our elementary environment is designed to address these developmental needs of a child from six to nine years of age. The earlier experience in the primary classroom has provided the foundation of the basic skills needed to thrive in this environment. The dynamic of this environment incorporates intellectual development, the powers of reasoning and research through exploration. The community of learners in this environment is drawn toward the ecology of cosmic education through collaborative learning. This fosters in the child a desire to be not only an active component of his community but to contribute toward it through the achievement of his endeavors. Our Montessori students generally exhibit confidence, leadership, perseverance, integrity and a respect for others.


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