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Primary Program


The Primary program is designed for children between the ages of three through six years. During this time, children possess a special mind where impressions from their environment do not merely enter their mind; they form it. This incredible capacity to mentally absorb impressions enables the children to learn their native language, perfect their movement and become a vital part of their community. Montessori observed that child development is not linear but takes place in four distinct planes of six years each. During each period, an environment that is conducive to the developmental needs of the child results in optimal development. Research validates that children experience sensitive periods and natural tendencies that facilitate the acquisition of certain knowledge and skills. At Castle Montessori Schools, we understand that the application of the principles of the Montessori Method during this time serves as an aid to the natural development of each child and helps them to develop to his fullest potential. We offer this incredible opportunity to your child as they journey through the stages of their development here.

Our Primary program offers an authentic, high-quality Montessori education that meets the needs of each child by offering them opportunities for optimal development. Our Primary classrooms offer a rich, engaging experience where the child can joyfully explore with freedom and confidence as they master each new skill. Our environments are prepared with a focus on fostering discovery and a love of learning within a framework of developmentally appropriate activities or ‘works’. This framework presents the entire scheme of the curriculum to the child in a hands-on, dynamic and carefully sequenced format. The child spontaneously chooses his own work and repeats it over and over to gain mastery. Our program offers a curriculum that is individually paced to meet each child where their needs are. Our classrooms offer a mixed-age range from three to six years where the younger ones learn from the older ones. This provides opportunities for leadership, cooperation and a sense of community. The hallmark of our Primary program is a community of learners happily engaging in their work, helping their peers, caring for their environment and developing a strong sense of self. Their typical day includes at least one three-hour ‘work period’ that offers an uninterrupted, extended time where they can engage in their chosen works to attain mastery over their knowledge and skills and strengthen their ability to focus. The scheme of lessons designed across our Montessori curriculum in all of its areas makes an allowance for this. The classroom allows for freedom within limits where the child may choose their work as they follow their own path and master new frontiers of learning.


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