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30 Nov

Thanksgiving Food Drive Results

Our North Texas Food Bank Drive has officially ended and we want to THANK all of our parents and staff who donated and continue to support our schools!!!  Together, the Castle Montessori Schools donated 1,322 pounds of food.  North Texas Food Bank said this amount of food fed approximately 1,100 families for the Thanksgiving Holiday. […]

28 Nov

High Fidelity Montessori Schools

Visitors to authentic Montessori schools are often joyfully taken aback by the sight of children working with deep concentration, spontaneity, freedom of movement and advanced skills. They invariably ask, “Are they always working so happily and quietly?” The sheer sight of this independent engagement of the children working within their community is what is defined […]

26 Nov

Montessori in the 21st Century

The century we are currently in is a time of great innovation. We find innovation all around us from the simplest to the most challenging task at hand. In this dynamic environment, we constantly are looking to reinvent concepts and criteria that define us. The educational environment around the world is poised to embrace this […]

15 Oct

The Special Mind of the Child

“It may be said that we acquire knowledge by using our minds; but the child absorbs knowledge directly into his psychic life. Simply by continuing to live, the child learns to speak hi s native tongue. A kind of mental chemistry goes on within him. We, by contrast, are recipients. Impressions are poured into us […]

27 Sep

Celebration of Life

Montessori schools around the globe use a special approach to celebrate your child’s birthday. To bring ceremony and an understanding into the celebration, children are given an impression of the concept of time through the relationship between the Sun and the Earth in that a year is the amount of time it takes for the […]

2 Aug

Real Work in the Montessori Classroom

Castle Hills Montessori has been selected for the 2014 Best of Carrollton Award in the Montessori Private Schools category.

2 Aug

The PROVEN Choice in Montessori Education

The Castle Montessori family of schools stands out far above the rest.

3 Mar

Castle Montessori Schools:
A private school alternative to daycares

Castle Montessori Schools follow a single, time-tested, proven philosophy of child development and education.

3 Aug

Checklist for Choosing a Montessori School

Choosing the right Montessori school can be a daunting task, particularly when there are so many Montessori schools to choose from.

3 May

Raising the bar on Montessori schools in Dallas

As a mother and advocate of the Montessori way, Castle Montessori Schools founder and Head of School, Varsha Patel and her team of dedicated teachers and administrators have set the bar when it comes to providing a top-notch education for the young.