More well mannered

My son and I both love this school. My son has only been attending Castle Montessori for two full months and I was worried at first because he would come home grumpy and he would cling to my legs and cry at the door.

Well after a few weeks he has adjusted and I cannot say anything bad about this school. He has Spanish, Chinese, and music classes. He comes home singing a LARGE variety of nursery songs and has become more well mannered. I have seen a huge change in the way my son behaves and he is excited to go to school and see his friends and teachers now. He tells me about his teachers, his favorites and he has even told me how beautiful they are. He is so sweet! I also really like that I have the option to keep him here until the 3rd grade.


Great teachers
Great classmates
Great Director
Newly built schools
Covered Playground
Secured doors with pin access
Security Cameras with TV displays in main lobby
Music room with a grand piano
Library full of books
Indoor Gym
Large variety of extracurricular activities

The price! Although it is worth every penny