Melia has been at the Castle Hills Montessori – Carrolton TX location since she was 16 months old. I fell in love with the center as soon as we stepped in the door and the staff is truly exceptional. My daughter was fortunate to start out with Mrs. Yuri who took such care of Melia and loved her like she was her own. It was hard leaving her at a new place after she had been at home for so long, but the school and staff made the transition easy and they were very patient with all of our questions and concerns with the process.

I loved getting the daily sheets when Melia was in the toddler class and seeing how she progressed each day. Mrs. Yuri takes great time and care to ensure the parents are informed and that we know what is going on with our daughter at all times. When it was time for Melia to transition to a new class at the next level, Mrs. Yuri was very helpful in that process and helped make the transition smooth. Melia is now with Mrs. Frances and is doing great. Mrs. Frances is a great teacher for Melia and works with her to ensure she is staying on task and focused in class. Mrs. Frances is a very patient teacher and let’s Melia be herself within the structure and boundaries of the class. I also enjoy the parent teacher conferences where we get to learn first-hand from the teacher how Melia is doing and where she is in preparedness for the next level of schooling. I love, love, love this school and its teachers and staff. I tell everyone looking to put their child into a daycare/schooling program that if they can afford to spend the “SMALL” amount of extra money, it will be well worth it and their child will thrive here.  I also truly love the staff! Everyone is truly FANTASTIC!