We absolutely love CHM!  We live in Allen and both work in Plano, but we are willing to drive an hour commute each way to drop Logan off and pick him up because we want him to be there!  I stayed home with Logan for a year and half but because of financial reasons I had to return to work.  I was sad, but knew that I wanted Logan to go somewhere that I trusted and we are willing to drive because we know he is receiving great care and that Mrs. Zohra provides the love and guidance that she gave to his big sister Lorelai.  Lorelai attended CHM for three years and we loved both of her classes and teachers. Because she was home with my in-laws she started talking and walking late, but being at the school helped her catch up with her peers.  She has done well in top rated schools in both kindergarten and 1st grade,  She has received top scores on all of her benchmarks in both grades and we attributive that to her early learning with the Montessori Curriculum.  She also works well with others and loves helping others learn something else that we attribute to the Montessori curriculum.  Lorelai stopped attending the school because I had the opportunity to stay home with her while I was pregnant with Logan and we couldn’t afford to continue preschool while I wasn’t working.  I had planned to stay home one school year, but was blessed to be able stay home for two years. Once I knew that I was going to have to return to work I knew that I wanted Logan to go to CHM and I was so happy they had an opening in Screeching Owls. Lorelai and Logan both had delayed speech because of hearing issues related to ear infections and I think that being a preschool and around other children has helped a great deal with their speech once they had tubes.  Logan is nothing like Lorelai, he is VERY active and impulsive two year old and I know that Mrs. Zohra will have the same kind of patience with him that she had with his sister who was perfectly behaved child,  CHM works with us toward guiding Logan’s behavior and I am so thankful for this. Logan loves Mrs. Zohra so much and he misses her while he is home for the summer.  He is looking forward to being back with her and his classmates in a few weeks.