teeth knocked out

Our son was in Montessori from age 18 months to almost 6 years old (3 years at Castle). We started kindergarten this last year in FISD and have mixed feelings about the public school system. He is one of the two most advanced kids in his class and was well prepared. The initial shock on how behind other kids were as he started his new school, scared my husband and I and filled us with doubt. I believe the public schools offer a good program, but academically is not as strong as private school. My son does very well in spelling, reading, and writing and always attributes it to his Castle teachers! I always ask how did he figured out a word (since we don’t work with him too much at home) in reading and spelling and he stated that it was because of Ms. Yessica!


I also feel that he is lost in the conformity of the school and has lost some of his individuality that was brought out at Castle. The one on one care and personal enrichment is not as evident in a larger public school system. My son had 3 teeth knocked almost completely out during recess (they all fell within 2 days). Boys will be boys, but no note or call or explanation was sent home. I only noticed his gums bleeding during dinner and looked in his mouth to see swollen dark blue bruised gums. I asked him what happened which he explained and I emailed the school with very little repose back. I definitely would have received a phone call for a bloody mouth and a note if he were in private school!! I do feel that it is important for children to socially mix with an eclectic cohort, but am definitely re-considering private school for our son’s future.