Thanks for founding CMM

My son just LOVES his teacher. Whenever I’ve discussed various topics with her – from general concerns about Preston’s academic skillset to Montessori practices we can implement at home – she has always provided insightful, solid, and useful information. She has provided us with an overall sense of confidence in both his daily learning and social environment as well as the CMM philosophy. Although my son will be leaving CMM this year, his brother will be sticking around and we can’t wait to see how he blossoms over the years! I MUST also let you know that your Director’s approach to all matters (daily operations, urgent concerns, weather emergencies, health issues (students and teachers), etc) has been consistent, fair and quite honestly – refreshing. She has the unique ability to hold an attentive conversation with a concerned parent, while keeping her eye on the door for parents and children walking in and out, while additionally taking a moment to smile at a child halfway across the room to let him/her know she acknowledges their presence. All my best, Thank you for founding CMM!