Won me over

Our experience while at CHM: I have so many things to say that I don’t know where to start! As working parents, we struggle with the guilt of sending our children away from us for hours a day. Will they learn? Will they be protected? Will they be loved? CHM won me over very quickly and allayed all my fears!


CURRICULUM: This school is the perfect blend of academics, culture appreciation, and socialization. They foster independence, creativity, and a genuine pride in learning in all of their students. The teach LOVE–love in learning, love and respect your fellow man, love and respect our similarities, love and respect our differences.


STAFF: The best gift any parent can give their children is a good foundation for their educational future done within a safe environment. The staff at the CHM is conscientious, skillful and knowledgeable. The children academically grow in an environment that is very nurturing. As parents that are employed full-time, it was very important for us to place our children in a setting that could provide them with a strong academic base, a setting that our children could feel like they belonged, and most importantly, a setting where we knew our children would be safe. The entire staff is dedicated to guiding each child in discovering and maximizing their strengths while encouraging them to tackle new tasks/learning experiences they may not be familiar with. This staff also provides a very nurturing environment which I was very drawn to and one I had not observed with other schools when I was choosing a school for my daughter (and believe me, I looked!). Our daughters have become confident, independent, and respectful young ladies who love to learn.


EXTRAS: CHM does a brilliant job of incorporating service projects and a sense of humanity into its students. We are all members of the human race–and it is great to learn empathy, humility and service to your fellow man at a young age. Food drives, Trike-A-Thons, Angel Trees, etc. are great tools to teach Core Values of giving to others.